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Director’s Message

Dr. Arundhati Hoskeri
Director & Management Representative,
MET Rishikul Vidyalaya
We at MET Rishikul Vidyalaya, strongly believe in what Acharya Chanakya said thousands of years back,

                                    विद्या ददाति विनयम | विनया ददाति पात्रताम |
                                       पात्रत्वा धनमाप्नोती | धनात धर्मम ततत्सुखं |
                                                                      …आचार्य चाणक्य

Which means, 'Education gives humility, humility gives character, from character one gets wealth, from wealth one gets righteousness, in righteousness there is joy'.

The education system in India has metamorphosed from a rote-based learning one to an inquiry based one. The CIE program implemented at MRV aims at holistic development of children by instilling in them the skills of critical thinking, spirit of inquiry and open minded approach to learning. We at MRV emphasize on lifelong learning with a firm belief that knowledge blossoms beyond text books. Today the entire globe has shrunken into a small village and we prepare our students for global citizenship with an international mindset with our Indian values and culture at the core. We go by the wisdom of Aristotle who has rightly said that “Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all.”

The future of every student is important to us and we have an excellent team of educators and leaders who strive constantly to provide stimulating environment to young brilliant minds and shape them into responsible citizen and fine human-beings. Our school campus is equipped with excellent infrastructure and world class amenities and we provide a range of co-curricular activities without compromising on academic excellence.

Dr. Arundhati Hoskeri
Director & Management Representative
MET Rishikul Vidyalaya

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