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Research Paper Presentations by MET IMS Faculty and Student Teams

1. IPA Convention 2012 at Manipal on 16-18 March, 2012

  • “Migraine medication combinations leading to Serotonine Syndrome n market survey of prescribed drugs”, Driti Ghosh, Shweta Kalbag & Dr. Anand Shedge
2. 63 Indian Pharmaceutical Congress 2011 at Bangalore on 16-18 Dec,2011
  • E-Detailing: Scope & Acceptability, Brand launching Strategies & Implementation, Kunal Mundhe, Alkesh Panchemia, Sachin Kasabe, Chinmayi Khobrekar & Dr. Anand Shedge
  • Opinion of Doctor's & MR about E-Detailing, Ibrahim Mansoori, Ria Bhaduri & Dr. Anand Shedge
  • Synthesis and DNA binding activity of copper complex Paper is selected for International Journal, Rahul Maheshwari, Neetu Gupta, Pranoti Kadu & Dr. Anand Shedge
3. University of Pune, National Seminar on Plant Biodiversity for Sustainable Development on 10-12 March, 2011
  • Berberis Aristata for its Antidiarrhoeal & Anti Spasmodic Activity, Dr. Anand Shedge

4. IPA Convention 2011 at Indore (M.P.) on 19-20 Feb, 2011 2nd Prize for Best Paper presentation at National Level (Certificate, Memento & Cash Prize)

  • Booming Generic Drugs Market in India, Mr. Pritam Nerkar & Dr. Anand Shedge
5. 62 Indian Pharmaceutical Congress 2010 at Manipal University, Manipal on 17-19 Dec, 2010
Limited Choices of Indian Pharmacist, Mr. Ganesh Pandurang Kashte & Dr. Anand Shedge
  • Case Study of Malaria in Mumbai Region, Mr. Tarun Umashankar Yadav & Dr. Anand Shedge
  • * Impact of Merger and Acquisition on Indian pharmaceutical Industry. Mr. Titus Prabhudas Darsi & Dr. Anand Shedge

6. International Conference on Multidisciplinary Approaches to Diabetes Research & Health At Centre for Advance Studies, University of Rajasthan, Jaipur on November 14-16, 2010
1st Prize for Best Paper presentation at International Level (Certificate, Memento & Cash Prize)

  • Certified Diabetes Educator, Dr. Anand Shedge
7. 61st Indian Pharmaceutical Congress, Ahmedabad 2009
  • Blue Ocean Strategy in Pharmaceuticals. Presented by Ragini Padikkal, Shruti Morzaria, Dr. Anand Shedge, Gaurav Yeola
  • Emotional Branding in a Pharmaceutical Industry. Presented by Ahad Vadhariya, Webster Pariera, Dr. Anand Shedge, Gaurav Yeola

8. 60th Indian Pharmaceutical Congress, New Delhi (Dec 2008)
  • Analysis of Pharmaceutical Licensing Strategies. Presented by Purvi Kakodkar, Gaurav Goyal, Dr. Anand Shedge
  • Cocktail Clinic for the Right Therapy. Presented by Amol Parekh, Nilesh Kotgire, Ganesh Kale, Gaurav Goyal, Dr. Anand Shedge
  • Pharmaceutical Management a Viable Career. Presented by Nikhil Sawant, Priyanka Pal, Gaurav Goyal, Dr. Anand Shedge
  • Symbiosis between Global Warming and Pharmaceutical Industries (won National Award at IPC, New Delhi by securing first position). Presented by Hemant Yadav, Ramjanam Prajapati, Sangeeta Vishwakarma, Gaurav Goyal, Dr. Anand Shedge
  • Management of the Distribution of Temperature Sensitive Pharmaceutical Products. Presented by Nisha Shukla, Bhumika Rathod, Suryakant Kadam, Gaurav Goyal, Dr. Anand Shedge

9. UGC sponsored conference (Feb 2007)
  • Business Management and Values in today's context. Presented by Dr. Anand Shedge

10. 12 APTI National Conference at Panjab University, Chandigarh (Sep-Oct 2007)
  • Laser Labeling: A Boon to Pharmaceutical Industries – Presented by Mr. Akshay Samel, Ms. Dhanshree Khanvilkar, Ms. Pranali Watkare, Mr. Gaurav Goyal & Dr. Anand Shedge. 2nd Prize for Best paper Presentation at National level. (Certificate & Memento)

11. 59th Indian Pharmaceutical Congress, Varanasi 2007Six Sigma Application. Presented by Minal Palkar, Pooja Rajadhyaksha, Manshi Shah, Gaurav Goyal, Dr. Anand Shedge
  • PAT Technology. Presented by B V Singh, Sathish Pujari, Gaurav Goyal, Dr.Anand Shedge
  • Micro organisms - A tool for Drug Delivery. Presented by Archana Gujare, Janhavi Waknis, Kanchen Sen, Gaurav Goyal, Dr. Anand Shedge
  • Magnetically Modulated Drug Delivery. Presented by Sager S. Parekh, Gaurav Goyal, Dr. Anand Shedge
  • Market Survey on Cosmetics. Presented by Pragati Dandekar, Jinal Chheda, Amisha Ashar, Gaurav Goyal, Dr. Anand Shedge

12. 58th Indian Pharmaceutical Congress, Mumbai (Dec 2006)
  • Studies on Approaches for Anti-Winkle Treatment. Presented by Prarthana Gandhi, Gaurav Goyal, Dr. Anand Shedge
  • Development of Orphan Drugs: Research Benefits. Presented by Ruchir Shah,
    Prof. Gaurav Goyal, Dr. Anand Shedge
  • Challenges of the Indian Pharma Industry in the Post Patent Regime.
  • Presented by Puneet Mahajan, Gaurav Goyal, Dr. Anand Shedge
13. Second World Ayurveda Congress, Pune (Nov 2006)
  • Studies on Herbal Approaches for Anti-Wrinkle Treatment. Presented by Prarthna
    Gandhi, Gaurav Goyal, Dr. Anand Shedge
  • Comparative Study of Ayurvedic and Allopathic Treatment of Androgenetic Alopecia. Presented by Mehul A. Oka, Gaurav Goyal, Dr. Anand Shedge
14. International Conferences "Update Ayurveda '06" - TN Medical College and BYL Nair Ch. Hospital, Mumbai
(Nov 2006)
  • Ayurveda: Handle With Care. Presented by Ruchir Shah, Gaurav Goyal, Dr. Anand Shedge
15. National Seminar Organised by Department of Botany, University of Pune
(Feb 2006)
  • External Morphology and Characterisation of Indian Species of Balinites Shedgea. Presented by Dr. Anand Shedge, B E Komne, Dr. S D Mishra MET IMS faculty and students attended a training programme on Environmental Education at Bhimshankar in Pune (Nov 2006)
16. International Conference on Malaria, ICLR (Nov 2005)
  • Role of Clinical Pharmacists in Management of Malaria. Presented by Gaurav Goyal, Vinod Jaiswal, Dr. Anand Shedge
17. 10th APTI National Convention (Oct 2005)
  • Stress: An essence of Life. Presented by Dr. Anand Shedge
  • Recent Looks on Hair Colours. Presented by Mehul A. Oka, Gaurav Goyal, Dr. Anand Shedge
  • Role of Clinical Pharmacists in Management of Chronic Diarrhoea. Presented by Gaurav Goyal, Vinod Jaiswal, Dr. Anand Shedge
  • Comparative studies on Biodegradable Polymers. Presented by Gandhar Samant, Praveen Patil, Gaurav Goyal
  • Pharmacogenomics - Moving away from ‘one size fits all’ therapeutics. Presented by Vijaya Patil, Gaurav Goyal
18. Dr. Anand Shedge of MET IMS, is an Eminent Panelled Speaker on various dynamic Medical and Pharma related disciplines with the Ministry of Technical Education, Government of Maharashtra


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