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Advanced Diploma in Mass Media - Entertainment

The approach is dictated by understanding the requirements of organisations in the Entertainment fraternity (Television, Films, Radio, Digital, Marketing, Events, PR & Talent Management) for candidates at the entry level.

The course is designed to provide graduates with the necessary understanding of skills and knowledge sets required in these fast-changing industries. The objective is NOT to make them technicians, but to help them understand the technology of this sector so that they can apply this in functional sense.

There is perhaps no industry today that depends as much on innovation and new ideas as the Entertainment industry. Nevertheless, it is quite clear that though the Entertainment sector is one of the fastest growing, it is one of the most fragmented ones in India today; development is mostly 'seat-of-the-pants' stuff, and people are thrown in it to either sink or swim.

However, the realisation is growing quite fast that the proliferation in this sector, and the insatiable demand of consumers for 'entertainment' has raised the stakes of success and failure significantly, so that anyone or any company that is better equipped and organised to meet the enormous demand for entertainment products and services will have an immediate advantage.

As in most sectors, technology plays an important role, but technical ability or sophistication is no guarantee of success; what is becoming more and more critical is the business aspect, meaning having people with the understanding of technology and consumers, combined with vision, to chart new courses for the industry. Making these students immediately productive in the most practical sense is the cornerstone of the structure of this course.

Programme Overview

Advanced Diploma in Mass Media (ADMM) is a three pronged certficate programme; each certificate duration being five to six months, which includes training and practical work.

ADMM– Entertainment :

  • Certificate in Introduction to Mass Media ( CIMM)
  • Diploma in Mass Media (DMM) – Entertainment
  • Advanced Diploma in Mass Media (ADMM) – Entertainment

Sharpening Process

An insightful induction programme is held prior to the course commencement
  • Certificate I - Certificate in Introduction to Mass Media (CIMM):
  • CIMM gives a foundation of mass media as a business. This certificate is based on the convergence approach and therefore relevant across the two streams.
  • Certificate II - Diploma in Mass Media (DMM):
  • This specialization certificate allows the students to gain a concrete perspective of the functional aspects of their chosen vertical. It is aimed at creating resourcefulness, enhancing networking skills and encouraging teamwork.
  • Summer Internship:
  • The DMM Certificate concludes with the students taking up a two month internship where they are able to understand the uncertainties and business pressure, learn the actual tricks of the trade and implement the learning of the classroom to real business situations.
  • Certificate III - Advanced Diploma in Mass Media (ADMM):
  • This certificate is targeted towards bringing the students at par with standards set in the industry. The extensive focus is on implementation based learning.
  • Career Services:
  • On adherence and successful completion of academic, internship norms and evaluations, the Placement Cell assists students getting access to the best of career opportunities.


Certificate in Introduction to Mass Media
  • Business of Advertising
  • Business of Entertainment
  • Communication Skills
  • Media Markets & Consumers

  • Short Modules
    • Relationship Management
    • Creative Awareness & Media Aesthetics
    • Television & Film Analysis
    • Contemporary & Global Issues

  • Practical Sessions I
    • Theatre Workshop
    • Presentation Techniques
    • Visual Communication

  • Practical Sessions II
    • Editing Sense
    • Sound Recording & Re-production
    • Camera Sensitisation
Diploma in Mass Media (DMM) - Entertainment
  • Television Production
  • TV Channel Management
  • TV Channel Programming
  • TV Channel - On Air Promotions
  • Integrated Marketing Communications
  • Television Marketing
  • Public Relations
  • Digital Media
  • Event Management

  • Short Modules:
    • Television Anchoring & Hosting
    • Brand Management
    • Media Planning & Buying
    • Talent Management

Methodology of Study
  • Project work
  • Lectures with AV aids
  • Classroom discussion
  • Workshops
  • Field visits/on location trips

Advanced Diploma in Mass Media (ADMM) - Entertainment
  • Budgeting & Contracts
  • Film Production
  • Film Scripts & Film Direction
  • Film Marketing
  • Film Distribution
  • Radio Programming
  • Short Modules:
    • Essentials in Ad film Making
    • Media Laws & IPR
    • In film & Associative Marketing
    • Rural Marketing

Methodology of Study
  • Project work
  • Lectures with AV aids
  • Classroom discussion
  • Workshops
  • Field visits/on location trips
  • Panel Discussions

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