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eMBA Module
  1. Perspective Management
  2. Organisation Behaviour
  3. Marketing Management
  4. Business Mathematics
  5. Business Law
  6. Managerial Economics
  7. Financial Accounting
  8. (45 hours for each paper)

  1. Taxation
  2. Research Methodology
  3. Market Research
  4. e-Commerce
  5. (60 hours for each paper)

Exam: eMBA - November Exam: eMBA - April
ACCA Module
Fundamentals Level
F1 Accountant in Business
F2 Management Accounting
F3 Financial Accounting
F4 Corporate and Business Law
F5 Performance Management
F6 Taxation

(45 hours for each paper )

F1-F4 Exempted for students with commerce background.

F7 Financial Reporting
F8 Audit and Assurance
F9 Financial Management

(75 hours for each paper )

Exam: ACCA - December Exam: ACCA - March
eMBA Module
  1. Strategic Management
  2. Consumer Behaviour & Sales Management
  3. Logistics
  4. Business Environment
  5. (60 hours for each paper)

  1. International Business
  2. Projects in Corporate management & Business Policy
  3. Corporate Social Responsibility
  4. (60 hours for each paper)

Exam: eMBA - November Exam: eMBA - April
ACCA Module
Professional Level
P1 Governance Risk and Ethics
P2 Corporate Reporting
P3 Business Analysis

(80 hours for each paper )

Options (two to be completed)
P4 Advanced Financial Management
P5 Advanced Performance Management
P6 Advanced Taxation
P7 Advanced Audit and Assurance

(100 hours for each paper)

Exam: ACCA - December Exam: ACCA - March

Performance Assessment

The teaching methodology adopted at the institute will consist of classroom sessions wherein students will be exposed to case studies, experiential learning, role play, scenario building as well as live industry projects. The emphasis will be on developing the understanding of the subject by the students since they are expected to convert teachings into application and execution mode. To facilitate this interactive learning process, they will be mentored and subdivided into learning groups or work teams which will facilitate team working as well as collective learning. Their curriculum would include industry visits, rural visits, societal relief exposures besides industry internships. Students' participation in all these activities is compulsory.

Select subjects will be taught through case study method. For all subjects, students are expected to come to the class well prepared and updated. Faculty may take surprise exams at any point. During the study, students will be assessed subject wise based on the weightages mentioned here.

Sr.No. Parameter Weightage
1 Final Exam 50
2 Projects 20
3 Oral Evaluation - Viva 15
4 Quiz, Class Participation
and Continuous Assessment
Total 100

Credit Points evaluation system

Every subject will be given maximum of 1 point for its credit and minimum credit points required to clear the subject is 0.5. These points will be given on the basis of students' marks in the subject.

The certificates will be issued depending upon minimum 0.5 credit received in each subject for the certificate module. e.g. if maximum credit points are 11, minimum 5.5 credit points are required besides minimum 0.5 credit points in each subject.

Sr.No. Credit Points Evaluation
1 0.70 and above Pass with distinction
2 0.60 to 0.69 Pass with first class
3 0.50 to 0.59 Pass with second class
4 Less than 0.50 Fail

ACCA modules and exams will be conducted as per the ACCA guidelines.

The Sharpening Process

MCW-MET Class Work
Certificate - I Certificate - II
August to December January to April
MCW - 315 hours
for eMBA and 270
hours for ACCA
Total 585 hours
MCW - 240 hours
for eMBA and
225 hours for
ACCA Total 465 hours
MFW - 150 hours
Summer MPW - 300 hours
MFW-MET Field Work
Certificate - III Certificate - IV
June to November January to April
MCW - 240 hours
for eMBA and 240
hours for ACCA
Total 480 hours
MFW - 100 hours
MCW - 180 hours
for eMBA and
200 hours for ACCA
Total 380 hours
MFW - 200 hours
MCW -               
eMBA - 975 hours
ACCA - 935 hours

MFW - 750 hours

Total 2660 hours


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