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MET eCell, "A place for all to gel; where each one has something new to tell."

The MET eCell view entrepreneurship as a four stage development process beginning with germination of ideas followed by incubation of the idea as a rough draft. Child stage aims towards giving the right direction to this rough draft which will shape into a formal business plan. Youth, the final stage of the process focuses on making the entrepreneur's dream a reality. We also aim at joining hands with outsiders to gain cross sectional learning experience and to increase network. MET eCell members would be taught to analyse situation. MET eCell believes in "Network To Increase Networth."

E-week Celebrations @ MET 2011

MET Celebrates eCell Week

eWeek Celebration

TiE Entrepreneurial Summit 2008, Bangalore

eWeeK Celebration

MET eCell @ the Global TiE Summit

MET eCell amongst National top 5 more>>>

MET eCell invites Sidharth Rao Co- founder and CEO

A successful CEO at 22 – Rajiv Dhingra of

MET eCell on the honour rolls

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